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Motivation is garbage.

Discover the power of the 5 second rule.

We all know how easy it is to do the things we enjoy. Most people find it much harder to get motivated about a task that is less appealing or enjoyable to them. (Not brain science.)

What IS brain science, is the reason WHY this happens. Our brains are designed with its own in-built "protection system". When we're confronted with something we don't want to do or are not motivated to do, we pause. Pausing sends a distress signal to our brain and our brain goes into protection mode. As a result- we stay 'demotivated' and find it really difficult to take action.

So, how do we outsmart our own brain?

By using The 5 Second Rule.

1. Make a conscious decision that you're actually going to do Task X (the task you're not feeling that motivated to do)

2. Embrace your inner child and count aloud, backwards from 5.

Counting backwards from 5... 4, 3, 2, 1, signals to your brain that something is about to start. And as you may have guessed, that 'something' should be you starting Task X.

In NLP we call this 'Breaking State'. The process of counting backwards from 5 disrupts your current thinking pattern and causes you to focus instead, on the act of counting. Of course, if you reach 1 and you decide to continue thinking about why you don't want to do something... the 5 second rule is not going to work.

So, decide you're going to tackle that "mountain of a task", use the 5 Second rule and get started today.

Until next time, live with purpose and live with passion.

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